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This Weekend – Aug 28,29

I love connecting kids to God.  Actually, I love the way kids help me connect to God.  Their questions, their insights, their honesty, all these things make me understand why Jesus said that you had to receive the kingdom like a child.  So, I’m excited about the special kids’ activities happening this weekend.  Check them out.


Kids Kick-Off

Saturday:  Family Cookout at the McDowell Home, 5-7,   14 Fenton Place, Downing Creek Subdivision , Chapel Hill.  Click on Banner to get to calendar and directions.


Sunday:  New classes for Gathering Kids, 10:30.  You want to know something neat – ove 40 people are volunteering in the Gathering Kids classes.  That's awesome!


I’m also excited about Sunday morning as we begin a new school year.  What focus can help us best experience what God has in mind for this year?  Check out Psalm 16 and you will have a clue, especially verse 8.  We’re going to start out by looking at how we can be present to God and what he wants to do in our lives.  We’re not just going to talk about it, we’re going to do it this Sunday morning.


You can always tell when a person is learning to be present to God, rather than just believe in God.  Something different begins to show in their life.  We’ll look at this difference on Sunday.


Let’s  have a great day together.