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Vision and Hope

As the Gathering Church prepares for its first Sunday morning service, October 18, at Creeksdie Elementary, 5321 Ephesus Church Road, Durham, I’m again reminded of why we are doing something as crazy as starting a church.

Some pastors at a luncheon the other day were asking me about the Gathering Church, and one just couldn’t imagine ever attempting something like this. His exact words were, “It just sounds so daunting.”

Not really, when you think of what you hope will happen. More people learning to be loved by God. My first inclination is to imagine more people doing great stuff for God, changing the world, storming the strongholds.

A Braveheart vision.

Creating more heroes for God.

Heroics for God really appeal to me, and they have their place, but I’m more and more convinced that our biggest challenge is to allow ourselves to be truly loved by God. Somehow there is a deficit in the “we love because he first loved us” equation. In almost every conversation I have I find myself not so much inclined to figure out how I can help this person do something for God, but how can I help this person know the depth of God’s love for them. People who are well loved, love well.

So, what excites me about the next step for the Gathering Church is a greater opportunity to host the Father’s welcome home party.

How good are you at being loved? It’s hard, but you ought to try it.