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What a great day it was at the Gathering Church celebration yesterday.  A great crowd and great energy.  I really enjoyed meeting so many of your friends and family.  I met some guests who had been invited by someone who hasn’t come and was out of town.  This person had told them about  the church, so they came.

It is exciting to see God at work, shaping us for his purpose. 

Thank you to everyone who showed up yesterday and made it special.


  1. Maryellen Percuoco says:

    I'm so jealous!!   I wonder if your church knows how blessed they are to have you as their Pastor.  I came to know the Lord because a friend told a friend, who in turn told me and then I told a friend, who told another friend and so on.  All of this started from a little church you planted in Marlboro which continues to bear good fruit to this day.  Its exciting to hear what is God is doing in your life. 
    Love to you and Libby, Maryellen