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“With Thanksgiving” Part II

Gathering Church Sermon Podcast | Mark Acuff | Scripture – Psalm 95:1-9, Philippians 4:2-7



  1. “It is impossible to be grateful if you’re upset about someone…. if you’re worried about something.”

    “How do you really change your mind and your perspective? Can you?”

    “If I was grumpy or frustrated with something it was because someone wasn’t doing the right thing, Not Me, it was about Them.”

    “How do you set your mind and your heart to think differently… well, first thing, You’ve got to Know your Mind and Heart.”

    “Every human evil can be traced to our inability to sit still in a room. . . to be present to ourselves.”

    “I wanna give you some new reflexes. The first reflex is prayer.”

    “When you connect with God, its almost impossible not to find something to be thankful for.”

    “Paul had developed these reflexes of knowing his own mind, and then turning his mind and his heart in a good direction.”

    “God’s determined to play the most Beautiful music in our lives, and a lot of times its through the worst things in our lives, not in spit of them but Through them. And as we learn to trust him and turn to him, we begin to see the Glory of it. We begin to hear the music.”

    I am grateful that when I miss a Sunday service, I can listen to the sermon online!